Section 7 – P&I – Water-Based Inks


Water-based inks have gained significant popularity as a sustainable and eco-friendly option for various printing applications. Composed of water and pigment, these inks offer several advantages when it comes to creating sustainable printing solutions. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of water-based inks in more detail:



One of the key features of water-based inks is their eco-friendly nature. These inks are formulated with a high proportion of water, making them free from harmful solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to solvent-based inks, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable printing process.

High Surface Tension:

Water-based inks possess the highest surface tension among all ink types. This characteristic allows them to adhere effectively to different substrates, ensuring precise and accurate printing results. When applied to corrugated packaging, water-based inks form strong bonds with the surface, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.



The use of water-based inks aligns with sustainable printing practices. These inks are non-toxic, emit minimal odors, and have a reduced carbon footprint. By opting for water-based inks, you actively contribute to environmental preservation, promoting a greener and more sustainable printing industry.

Color Accuracy:

Water-based inks offer excellent color accuracy, allowing for vibrant and vivid prints. The pigments in these inks are finely dispersed in water, ensuring consistent color saturation and sharpness. Whether you need to reproduce intricate jewelry designs or vibrant branding elements on your packaging, water-based inks deliver reliable and accurate results.


Water-based inks are versatile and can be used on various substrates, including corrugated packaging. They exhibit excellent adhesion properties and can withstand the rigors of handling and shipping. This versatility makes water-based inks suitable for jewelry packaging, where durability and quality are paramount.


Water-based inks find application in a range of jewelry packaging solutions, such as:

Corrugated Boxes:

Water-based inks are an ideal choice for printing on corrugated boxes, commonly used for shipping and protecting jewelry items. The high surface tension of water-based inks ensures that the prints adhere well to the corrugated surface, resulting in crisp and vibrant designs. These inks contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the packaging while maintaining sustainability.

Paperboard Inserts:

Jewelry packaging often includes paperboard inserts to secure and showcase individual pieces. Water-based inks can be used to print intricate patterns, logos, or branding elements on these inserts. The accurate color reproduction and eco-friendly nature of water-based inks enhance the visual appeal of the inserts while minimizing the environmental impact.

Product Information Cards:

Water-based inks are suitable for printing product information cards that accompany jewelry items. These cards may include details about the materials used, care instructions, or brand messaging. By using water-based inks, you ensure that the prints on these cards are vibrant, legible, and eco-friendly.


In summary, water-based inks provide a sustainable and high-quality printing solution for jewelry packaging. With their eco-friendly composition and high surface tension, water-based inks offer reliable color accuracy and adhesion properties. Whether you are printing on corrugated boxes, paperboard inserts, or product information cards, water-based inks deliver vibrant and precise prints while promoting sustainability in the printing industry. By choosing water-based inks, you contribute to a greener future and showcase your brand’s commitment to eco-conscious practices in jewelry packaging.