We may answer some questions that you may want to ask before you customize packaging from Bijoux Packaging:

  1. What is the minimum order quantity for custom packaging?
  2. What types of materials and finishes are available for custom packaging?
  3. Can I see samples of custom packaging designs that you have created in the past?
  4. How long does the customization process usually take?
  5. Are there any additional fees or charges for custom packaging design or artwork setup?
  6. What is the cost per unit for custom packaging, and does this vary based on the quantity ordered?
  7. Is there a maximum size or shape limitation for custom packaging designs?
  8. Can you provide recommendations for packaging design based on my product and brand?
  9. How will the packaging be shipped, and what is the estimated shipping time?
  10. What is the return policy for custom packaging orders, and what happens if there is a problem with the design or quality of the packaging?

Please remember this is a necessary process before pushing on your orders at any packaging company.

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