Section 7 – P&I – Pantone Metallic


Pantone Metallic offers a specialized range of colors specifically matched to metallic sheens. These colors provide a luxurious and eye-catching element to your jewelry packaging, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Key Features of Pantone Metallic:

  1. Matched to Metallic Sheens: Pantone Metallic colors are carefully formulated to replicate the appearance of various metallic finishes, such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. These colors capture the reflective and lustrous qualities of metals, allowing you to incorporate a metallic look into your jewelry packaging designs.
  2. Accurate Color Matching: Pantone Metallic ensures precise and consistent color matching, just like the standard Pantone system. Each metallic color in the Pantone Metallic range is carefully calibrated and documented, guaranteeing accurate color reproduction across different materials and printing processes.
  3. Ideal for Consistent Brand Color Schemes: Pantone Metallic colors are an excellent choice for creating consistent brand color schemes and designs. By incorporating Pantone Metallic into your jewelry packaging, you can maintain a cohesive and unified brand identity. Consistent use of metallic colors across your packaging materials helps to reinforce your brand recognition and create a memorable impression.

Benefits of Using Pantone Metallic:

  1. Enhances Visual Appeal: Pantone Metallic colors add a touch of glamour and luxury to your jewelry packaging. The metallic sheens create a visually striking effect, elevating the overall appearance and perceived value of your products. Whether you’re designing packaging for high-end jewelry or seeking to make a statement with your brand, Pantone Metallic colors provide a stunning and eye-catching option.
  2. Consistent and Reliable Color Reproduction: Pantone Metallic ensures consistent and reliable color reproduction across different materials and printing processes. This consistency is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your brand colors and ensuring that they remain true to your samples and digital prototypes. By using Pantone Metallic, you can have confidence that the metallic hues in your packaging will be accurately reproduced, delivering the desired visual impact.
  3. Versatile Design Options: Pantone Metallic colors offer versatility in design. They can be used in various ways, such as incorporating metallic accents, creating metallic patterns, or using them as primary colors for a bold and distinctive look. The range of metallic sheens available allows for creativity and customization, enabling you to tailor your jewelry packaging designs to align with your brand’s aesthetics and desired visual impact.


In summary, Pantone Metallic provides a range of colors matched to metallic sheens, offering an excellent option for creating consistent brand color schemes and designs in jewelry packaging. With accurate color matching and a wide range of metallic hues available, Pantone Metallic allows you to incorporate luxurious and eye-catching elements into your packaging designs, enhancing the visual appeal of your products and reinforcing your brand identity.