Section 7 – M – Metallic Paper


When it comes to jewelry packaging, finding a material that not only enhances the presentation but also provides protection is crucial. One such material that offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality is Metallic Paper. Known for its eye-catching metallic finish, this specialty paper adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your jewelry packaging. Let’s explore the features and specifications of Metallic Paper in detail.

Puncture and moisture resistance:

Metallic Paper is designed to provide reliable protection for your jewelry pieces. It offers excellent puncture resistance, safeguarding your valuable items from accidental tears or damage during handling and transportation. Additionally, its moisture-resistant properties prevent moisture from seeping through, ensuring that your jewelry remains safe and unaffected by environmental factors such as humidity or minor spills.


Glossy metallic finish:

The standout feature of Metallic Paper is its glossy metallic finish. The reflective surface adds a captivating shine and luster to your jewelry packaging, creating a visually stunning presentation that captures attention. The metallic sheen elevates the overall look of your packaging, making it ideal for high-end and luxury jewelry brands. Whether you opt for a matte or glossy coating, Metallic Paper adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that enhances the perceived value of your jewelry pieces.


Thickness options:

Metallic Paper is available in various thickness options, allowing you to select the level of sturdiness that suits your specific packaging needs. Here are some common thicknesses:

  • 10 pt (approx. 166 GSM): This is a lightweight option suitable for delicate jewelry items or when a thinner profile is desired. It offers flexibility and ease of use while still providing a protective barrier for your jewelry.
  • 12 pt (approx. 200 GSM): Slightly thicker than 10 pt, this option offers increased durability and strength, making it suitable for packaging items that require a bit more protection. It strikes a balance between sturdiness and elegance, ensuring that your jewelry packaging remains intact during handling and storage.
  • 14 pt (approx. 233 GSM): With a higher point measurement, this thickness option provides enhanced stability and durability. It offers better protection for larger or more valuable jewelry items, making it an ideal choice for packaging that requires added strength.


Ideal for light-sensitive products:

In addition to its decorative appeal, Metallic Paper is also a practical choice for packaging light-sensitive products. Its properties help shield your jewelry from harmful UV rays, preserving its quality and reducing the risk of fading or discoloration. This makes Metallic Paper particularly suitable for jewelry pieces that are prone to color fading, such as gemstones or certain types of pearls.


With its puncture resistance, glossy metallic finish, and suitability for light-sensitive products, Metallic Paper offers a comprehensive solution for jewelry packaging. Its protective features ensure the safety of your jewelry, while the dazzling metallic appearance adds a touch of elegance and allure. Whether you’re packaging delicate bracelets, dazzling necklaces, or exquisite earrings, Metallic Paper provides the perfect backdrop to showcase your jewelry collection in all its glory.


Embrace the radiance and functionality of Metallic Paper for your jewelry packaging needs. Elevate your brand’s image, protect your jewelry pieces, and captivate your customers with the stunning metallic finish. With various thickness options available, you can customize the level of protection and elegance that best suits your jewelry packaging requirements. Choose Metallic Paper to make a lasting impression and create a packaging experience that reflects the brilliance of your jewelry.